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Desert Days zine

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Desert Days zine

In 2013, I made the move to Las Vegas, an unrelenting place full of everything that didn’t symbolize me. Looking to escape this hard place I jumped in the car and headed out in any and every direction looking for my place in the desert heat. Through these escapisms I found the joy of the vast open road and what it brings; from the new experiences, new friendships, to a new desire to create. Documenting these travels I saw man’s effect on the land and became fascinated with our interaction with the desert. Desert Days shows our interactions with this vast open place from our National Parks to the abandoned history of yester year and the odd cities in between. These days in the desert saved me from myself and brought me a new understanding on life and an even a greater appreciation of art.

52 8.5x5.5 pages, full color and b&w images printed on matte coated paper.

First Edition of 30 copies

Printed with Nighted Life


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