William Mark Sommer is a multifaceted visual artist  working within the small town of Loomis, California. Through Sommer's work in analog photography, he has received a BFA in Art Photography from Arizona State University and traversed the United States developing a practice that engages in themes of human nature, preservation, empathy and time.

Growing up in a bypassed highway town of Loomis, Sommer’s life was shaped by small-town American culture. This culture along the Lincoln Highway gave him a deep admiration towards the overlooked and in-between places that were forgotten by the many. Through his many travels he has gained a closer understanding with complexities of America and has created perspective on time through his work.

Sommer has exhibited projects in North America and Europe; venues including, The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum, Center For Fine Art Photography, Masur Museum of Art, Griffen Museum of Photography, Yellowstone Museum of Art, Center For Photography, Midwest Center for Photographic Art, Belfast Photo Festival, Incadaques International Photo Festival, Northlight Gallery, His awards include Life Framer’s First Prize Award Selected by Alex Prager and British Journal of Photography & 1854 Media “Open Walls” and “Decade of Change”, Sommer has also taken part in residencies with Chalk Hill in Sonoma, CA, Open Wabi, Fredericktown, Ohio and Off The Cost, Online, He has been featured in publications like Stay Wild magazine, Lodown Magazine, Aint Bad, Booooooom, C41 magazine, Nowhere Diary, Fiiiirst and Subjectively Objective. 

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