William Mark Sommer (b. 1990) is a film photographer residing in Sacramento, California. Mark has earned his BFA in Photography from Arizona State University and he has exhibited over the United States and Internationally. Mark has been selected for many photography awards including Life Framer's "Open Call" First Place Award and The British Journal of Photograhy's "Decade of Change" and "Open Walls" along with other jurors awards. Mark also has self-published 10 zines and has been featured in publications like Stay Wild, Float, Aint Bad, Booooooom, C41 magazine, Nowhere Diary, Analog Mag, Then There Was Us, The Modern-Day Explorer, among others. 

Within Mark’s series he utilizes a long-term post documentary mode of storytelling to explore themes of human nature, preservation and empathy. He photographs to further his understanding of a diversity of human experiences, exploring what we hold dear and how our actions shape our environments. He looks for his work to challenge stereotypes by showing the unseen and giving a voice to the misunderstood.

Growing up in the small-bypassed town of Loomis, California, Mark was shaped by the culture of the Lincoln Highway. Experiencing this culture gave him a deep admiration towards small town America and its the history along the fading highways. Following these experiences and admirations has taken him all over the Western United States and brought him a closer understanding with complexities of American culture by seeing history in person and understanding its progressive nature in forgetting the past. 

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