LoDown Magazine "Drifters" issue

Drifters, by classic definition, aren’t necessarily individuals you want to spend time with, as they tend to waste everything from everyone else before they disappear. They’re regarded as scammers, frauds, bottom feeders, wanderers. They are pioneers of the generation Me.

On a more positive note, one could state that creating a world where attributes like age, gender, origin or status are insignificant is close to developing an utopia – if the ulterior motives just wouldn’t be so damn egoistical.

But what about defining being a drifter as someone who’s simply not too interested in any kind of affiliation to genres, specific scenes or a societal value system that feels outdated? As someone driven by the necessity to change and constantly move - physically and mentally?

Exhale the last of the old. Inhale the first of the new.

Welcome to DRIFTERS.

Welcome to the new issue of Lodown Magazine. 

 205 x 30 cm - 160 pages - 480 

Buckeye zine

While in residence at Open Wabi in central Ohio, I was captivated by how this foreign place felt like home, from its crumbling buildings to its open roads through the countryside. In creating Buckeye, I wanted to capture this feeling of home I had for a place I had never been.  

All the photos were shot in In late June, 2018, with a Hasselblad 500c/m with Kodak Ektar film. 40 8.5x5.5 pages, full color printed on matte coated paper with additional matte paper statement cards.Published in 2018.

Every zine comes with 5x5 Print

Single Edition of 50 copies

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Everything Is Narrative

Everything Is Narrative is an anthology of contemporary photography exploring the open-ended nature of photographic storytelling. Showcasing images from 162 artists, this 168 page hardcover books measures 9 x 8.75″ and features a debossed and foil stamped cover. Curated by Noah Waldeck. 

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Subjectively Objective Volume 73 zine

Limited Edition of 65 Numbered Copies, 10 full color pages at 5.25 × 8.25in.

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Magic Hour Photo Book

Magic Hour Photo Book - a collection of images by 60+ photographers, shot when the sun was low in the sky and the light was soft. Published by Booooooom, edited by Anna Schneider, and designed by Jeff Hamada. 108 pages, perfect bound at 146mm x 190mm.

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Observations in the Ordinary

Observations in the Ordinary is a survey of contemporary photography exploring the world around us. Showcasing images from 134 artists, this 140 page hardcover books measures 9.5 x 9.25″ and features a foil stamped cover. Curated by Noah Waldeck.

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Nomad Zine

A nomad ((in Latin) "people without fixed habitation")

A long time I felt I wasn’t at home in the place I lived, but was at home with the people I loved. I found home on the road with these people as we traveled all around California in search of our own freedoms. Free from the everyday conventions of life. I lived this modern nomadic lifestyle for 6 years photographing every step of the way.

Nomad instead of being a sequel to We Don't Know Where We'er Are Going, But We'er Are Ok With That, is a sister zine following the same path set out in the first. Published in 2017.

24 8.5x5.5 pages, black and white images printed on matte paper.

Edition of 30 copies

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All The Time In The World zine

As our childhood memories slip we navigate into this new world of Adulthood, we transition into this new unfamiliar phase, a completely different landscape of thought. This metaphorical landscape of youth expression transforms our lives, but we can never pin down their meanings until they already passed. We create myths of our own past to comprehend these fleeting moments that never came back us. As time goes on we return to these places of our youth only to recognize that it is not the same, just a forgotten memory of what used to be, what used to be ourselves.

These fleeting moments of life have always troubled me; they are incredibly powerful to us at the time of living it, just to be unrelentingly forgotten later. “All The Time In The World” came out of my need to capturing these moments of youth as a way to live within them forever. These photos depict some of my closest memories from finding first love, road tripping around California to enjoying the slow days cliff jumping with friends. These universal interactions between us no matter how forgettable make us into who we are. All photos shot from 2010-2014 with a Hasselblad 500c/m with Kodak Ektar 100iso. Published in 2017.

48 8.5x5.5 pages, full color and b&w images printed on matte coated paper.

Single Edition of 30 copies

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We Don't Know Where We’re Are Going But We’re Are Ok With That zine

Being free, directionless and open to the world. I have always felt the need to travel, be on the open road and free from the everyday stresses of life. We Don't Know Where We're Going, But We're Ok With That, is my six years of traveling around the Western United States living a free life with my friends and loved ones around me. This work is a visual journal of these days of freedom, and also is a call to action to enjoy life and be free. Published in 2017.

24 8.5x5.5 pages, black and white images printed on matte paper.

Edition of 30 copies

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Pacific North West zine

Feeling inspired by Steinbeck’s travels around America, I felt the need to hit the road. In September 2015, I set out on an open ended solo trip up to the Pacific Northwest. The strange feeling of the unknown laid ahead, so many new places to see with only road beneath my tires and a map leading the way. Combining my photos and writings from the road I want to show the distance, memories and feelings the 2,600 miles and 14 days on the road created for me. Making the loop from California to Washington and back will be a trip I will never forget. Published in 2016.

56 8.5x5.5 pages, full color and b&w images printed on matte coated paper.

First Edition of 30 copies

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Desert Days zine

Making the move to Las Vegas was unrelenting, a place full of everything that didn’t symbolize me. Looking to escape this hard place I jumped in the car and headed out in any and every direction looking for my place in the desert heat. Through these escapisms I found the joy of the vast open road and what it brings; from the new experiences, new friendships, to a new desire to create. Documenting these travels I saw man’s effect on the land and became fascinated with our interaction with the desert. Desert Days shows our interactions with this vast open place from our National Parks to the abandoned history of yester year and the odd cities in between. These days in the desert saved me from myself and brought me a new understanding on life and an even a greater appreciation of art. Published in 2016.

52 8.5x5.5 pages, full color and b&w images printed on matte coated paper.

First Edition of 30 copies

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Vegas Streets zine

A man walks out of a hotel ­and yells “Vegas” as if he just made it to paradise coming on to the Las Vegas Strip. This experience can be simplified to represent the transient weekend population of Vegas. Vegas is host to over 40 million tourist every year who migrate to the Strip and the Downtown looking for a good time. This diverse range of tourists attracts an even more unique type of person the street performer.

Street performers come in all different shapes and forms, from your favorite super hero to a person wearing close to nothing at all. These mainly local performers flock to strategic areas around the strip or downtown working to attract the passerby’s to take photos with them or subject them to an odd ritual for tips. Some people find street performers to be a nuisance or even vulgar, but most get a smile from the antics of the performers. The hustle of these performers shows the heart of Vega; it’s a place of love, trial, misery and imitation.

Moving to Vegas, I was taken back this street culture that inhabited the strip and downtown, the thousands of people who would be moving from one location to the next as if they were possessed by the endless Vegas charm only to be stopped disgusted or amazed by a 60 year old man dressed up like baby cupid in a diaper. I became fascinated with these compelling people who attracted so many views from the dazed tourist crowd. This fascination brought me to capture these street performers to show the craze and wonderment they bring to Vegas. Walking the streets every Friday and Saturday for a year, I came to see they are what make Vegas strange and an interesting place worth yelling about.

After months after creating this work, a new city ordinance was put into place to “dampen the debauchery” in a attempt to make the City of Sin more like Disneyland. Published in 2015.

32 8.5x5.5 pages, black and white images printed on matte premium paper. 

First Edition of 30 copies

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10 years zine

Skateboarding and punk rock have a long history of zine making, and when ending my career of skateboarding it felt right to put these ten years skate photos to the page. From the fun times of hanging out with friends to the stressful times of getting sponsored, this zine shows the life on the board and the culture behind it. Created over 2005-2015. Published in 2015.

52 8.5x5.5 pages, full color and b&w images printed on matte coated paper. 

Edition of 30 copies

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Stay Wild Magazine - 2018 Winter Cover

Stay Wild’s 2018 Winter issue cover topics such as; Survival as Sustainability, Urban Snowboarding, Night Surfing, Native Hawaiian Socio-Eco-Mindfulness, Emotional Diarrhea, Environmental Activism, Fishing, Hot Springs, Surfing, Cycling, Motorcycles, Skateboarding, Camping, Cliff Jumping, and more…

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